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Dealership Experience

Date: Nov 19, 2015

Planning For Your Future COURSE CANCELLED

Date: Nov 28, 2015
Time: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Location: 124 Bunting Road


     From the Presidents Office

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CAMI Employment Opportunity

Effectively immediately, the GM Cami Assembly Plant in Ingersoll, Ontario, will be accepting applications for Temporary Part-Time (TPT) production associate positions. Those wishing to apply for a TPT position can do so at the following link On Line Application For CAMI

GM Dealership Experience

Terry Jarrell who is the Quality Manager at St Catharines Powertrain has informed the Union that a district manager has been assigned to the Niagara area to review the service experience at GM dealerships. GM is looking for feedback from our members regarding after sales service in the region. The District Manager deals primarily with service issues, but is also interested in hearing about any sales related issues you may have.

If you have had a dealer experience, good or bad that you would like to share please E Mail Terry Jarrell. Your concerns and comments will be submitted as part of a general feedback study. Please note that the purpose is to identify general problem areas that can be improved upon. However, should any GM employee have an issue that needs be addressed immediately they should contact the dealership directly or GM through one of the following links.

E Mail Terry Jarrel

Click link for Socrates

Click link for GM Canada

In Solidarity,
Tim McKinnon

Retirees Health Care Benefits

Gord Graham who is the administrator for the retirees Health Care Trust will be making a presentation regarding post-retirement health care benefits. Gordon will explain our post-retirement benefits, talk about how the program is funded and will finish with a question and answer period. Both retirees and active members are invited to attend.

The meeting is scheduled, Wednesday November 18th 2015 @ 1pm.


October 19th 2015 is Election Day in Canada. Whether you are concerned about pension security, the faltering economy, lack of job security, investment to create new jobs, affordable child care or healthcare the outcome of this election will have a significant impact on your life.

Local 199 has always been actively involved in politics and I am excited to announce we have two of our members are running for election. Malcolm Allen is running for re-election in Welland and Susan Erskine-Fornier is running in St Catharines. Both of these candidates need and would appreciate your help to get elected, please contact them directly if you would like to volunteer, or simply put up a lawn sign to show your support.

To help Malcolm CLICK HERE Help Elect Malcolm Allen

To help support Susan, call her at 289-697-2848 or by e mail click HERE sef.ndp@gmail.com Help Elect Susan

The national Union has started a campaign called I will Vote, for more information click here. I Will Vote Campaign

In Solidarity, Bruce Allen


I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone who participated in the Labour Day parade and BBQ back at the Union Hall.

Special thanks to all the volunteers who made a significant contribution to the days success and congratulations to the Labour Day draw winners, Dave Wintle, Patty Stoddart and Jeff Read.

Images from Labour Day 2015

In Solidarity, Bruce Allen, President
On behalf of Unifor local 199 Executive Board

General Motors Open House & Car Show

On Friday August 7th, 2015 GM St Catharines held the 17th Annual Show and Shine car show and opened it's doors for a walking tour along a pre-designated route. This was a great opportunity for our retirees, our member's families and friends to see the engines our members produce and some of the vehicles they help make.

Images from 2015 Car Show and Plant Tour

Workers Monument to be Built

On Thursday afternoon I attended a ceremony to announce that a workers monument will be built at lock three in St Catharines. Many residents don't know the tragic statistic that 137 men died during the construction of the Welland canal, which is the largest lost of life in any Federal government infrastructure project in Canadian history. The age of the workers who died ranged from 15 to 69. All of these deaths and the pain and suffering that resulted, was preventable and a reminder to us all the importance of workplace safety legislation. The project should be completed by 2017. Click on the following link to see some of the pictures and read my speech.

Workers Monument

Membership Survey

All our members are invited to complete a short survey about your local union, click on the following link to complete the survey.


Building Better Local Unions

The National Union has organized a task force and scheduled meetings across Canada to seek the feedback and suggestions from our membership about building better and stronger local unions. The Task force came to St Catharines on Thursday 25th June, Ken Lewenza National Advisor, Katha Fortier Ontario Director, and Bill Murnighan from the research Department.

The discussion included, What are the key challenges facing local unions, How can we build stronger member support and engagement, How can we build more effective local unions, How can we strengthen our Local union in the community
Images from the meeting

GM Employment Opportunity

A Supplemental Workforce Employee agreement has been entered into by the Union and the Company. To apply click on the following link and follow the online instruction. You will be asked for a current e mail and resume. On Line Application

Education Courses

The Unifor Family Education Centre offers a variety of educational programs to our members. A complete listing has been posted at the following link. Application forms are available at the union hall and at the monthly membership meeting.

Port Elgin Education Courses List
Other Education Programs


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