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Gary Martin Retirement

Date: Nov 27, 2014
Time: 2:30 PM
Location: Regency Athletic Resort, 8068 Mountain Road

OFL Aboriginal Education Gathering

Date: Nov 28, 2014
Location: 15 Gervais Street, Toronto


     From the Presidents Office

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Following the election of Wayne Gates to the position of M.P.P. pursuant to the bylaws of local 199 Bruce Allen, Vice President will assume the duties of president. To contact Bruce Allen, please use the contact information above.

GM Pensions CV Option Update

November 1st 2014, Members at General Motors who are retiring continue to have questions about commuted value pension options. Jo-Ann Hannah, Unifor Pensions and Benefits Director has provided the following information, which I highly recommend you read prior to retirement and signing your papers.

Two Important Changes to Members Taking CV Option November 1st 2014

As of December 2014, members who take the CV on retirement and have a cash payment in excess of the maximum transfer value allowed under the income tax act, will be able to transfer the excess funds to an RRSP. The forms are attached. The member will be responsible for ensuring that they have RRSP room.

GM will no longer provide the CV option to members retiring after their 65th birthday. This is due to recent changes in the Pensions Benefits Act. Although the changes were not intended to affect the CV option, they do and the regulator has said "too bad."

READ MORE - The Commuted Value Option at GM (November 2014)

Recreation Curling & Soccer Tournaments

There are two recreation events coming up both are national events sponsored by Unifor. The first event is an Indoor Soccer Tournament which will be held in Mississauga Saturday 1st of November. The second recreation event is the National Curling Tournament which will be held at Midland Curling Club. November 15th 2014. If you are interested in more information click on the links.

Soccer 2014
Curling 2014

In Solidarity, Bruce Allen President Unifor Local 199
On Behalf of the Executive Board

Discounted Home and Auto Insurance

Last month Young's Insurance Company made a presentation to the Executive Board of local 199 and offered to provide Group Home and Auto Insurance to our members. The Board has agreed that for a trail period of 90 days Young's Insurance can offer group insurance rates to our members so we can evaluate the program. Currently United Steel Workers and several police associations have Group Insurance with Young's insurance.

If you are renewing your insurance for your home or Automobiles and would like a quote call the Young's insurance or click on the following link. Please make sure you tell them you are a member of Local 199, family members and retirees are also eligible. We would be very interested to receive feedback regarding the service you have received and if the quote/insurance is lower than your current insurance.

For more infomation Go to www.youngsinsurance.ca or call Andrew Spadzinski 1-800-565-8552 ext 2002 aspadzinski@youngsinsurance.ca .

Download Leaflet

In Solidarity, Bruce Allen President Unifor Local 199
On Behalf of the Executive Board

Retirement Planning

Due to continued interest in retirement options from our members we have scheduled two pre-retirement courses in November. These courses are normally scheduled on one day however next week on a trial basis we are scheduling the course over two days.

Part One - Planning For Your Future CPP and OAS Monday 17th November 5:30pm - 7;00 pm

The presentation will be made by Service Canada, and will cover the Canadian Pension Plan, Old Age Security benefits, changes to the CPP/OAS, how to apply, eligibility, credit years, credit splitting and much more. The session will end with a Q & A

Part Two - Planning For Your Future, Saturday November 22nd, 9:30am - 3:15pm

This session will cover several important areas of retirement planning which will include, estate planning and wills, GM pensions & benefits, and will also cover annuities, the Lump sum option. These presentations will be made by a Unifor Lawyer, FirstOntario Credit Union, the GM pension Rep, and local 199 Retiree Chair. Lunch and refreshments is provided.

Class size is limited for both these classes and is open to all our members. Anyone who is considering retiring should consider attend these courses even if you retirement is 5 years away. Please Call or Patti Stoddart or Peter Scott 905-682-2611 x 238 education@unifor199.org

Click here to register by e mail

Education Courses

The Unifor Family Education Centre offers a variety of educational programs to our members. A complete listing has been posted at the following link. Application forms are available at the union hall and at the monthly membership meeting.

2014 Port Elgin Courses

GM Employment Opportunity

A Supplemental Workforce Employee agreement has been entered into by the Union and the Company. To apply click on the following link and follow the online instruction. You will be asked for a current e mail and resume. On Line Application


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